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What fields is holiday plush wholesale applied in?
Currently, the holiday plush mainly applies to the manufacturing industry. Regarding the specific fields, it is a great variety. It really does good to the development of varied businesses. Its functions are highly spoken of by the purchasers and downstream manufacturers. In the future, its targets may be extended to more segments, covering both industrial use and individual use. This would be a significant promotion for the application of this product and would be another drive for profit increasing.
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The advanced technology has helped us occupy the plush neck pillow market at home and abroad. According to the material, Qidong Joyson Toys Co., Ltd's products are divided into several categories, and plush tissue cover is one of them. This product has strong color fastness. Using active printing process, it has bright color and strong fixation. A few washes won't cause its fading or pilling. The product is resistant to the squeezing and extruding. The adoption of this product promotes the reform of production methods. Manufacturers can be seen in the increase in labor productivity and the reduction in human capital costs. It won't yellow with time going by.
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We value environmental sustainability in our business. We have made sustainable business strategies that foster restorative and regenerative design, and aim to keep products and materials at their highest utility and value at all times.

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